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abagames::vr::stagemanager::StageManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Manage an enemys' appearance.

Definition at line 25 of file stagemanager.d.

Public Member Functions

void addBatteries (Vector[] panelPos, int panelPosNum)
void changeZakoForced ()
void close ()
void draw ()
void move ()
bool showRank (bool v)
void start (long seed)
 this (Field field, EnemyPool enemies, Ship ship, BulletActorPool bullets)

Private Member Functions

void changeEb1 ()
void changeZako ()

Private Attributes

bool _showRank
float baseRank
BulletActorPool bullets
int eb1ChangeCnt
EB1Spec eb1Spec
EnemyPool enemies
Field field
Rand rand
float rank
float rankVel
Ship ship
ZakoAppearance[] zakoApp
float zakoChangeDist

Static Private Attributes

static const float RANK_INC = 0.0018f
static const int ZAKO_CHANGE_DIST_BASE = 50

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