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abagames::vr::ship::Ship Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::vr::ship::Ship:


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Detailed Description

Player's ship.

Definition at line 34 of file ship.d.

Public Member Functions

bool airMode ()
bool checkBulletHit (Vector p, Vector pp)
bool checkEnemyHit (EnemySpec spec, EnemyState state)
void clearVisibleBullets ()
void draw ()
void drawState ()
void getCrystal ()
Vector getTargetPos ()
bool hasCollision ()
void move ()
Vector pos ()
bool purserReady ()
void restart ()
float scrollSpeedBase ()
void setEnemies (EnemyPool enemies)
void setExplosions (ExplosionPool explosions)
void setGameState (InGameState gameState)
void setParticles (ParticlePool particles)
void setPurser (float x, float y)
void setShots (ShotPool shots)
void setStageManager (StageManager stageManager)
BitmapShape shape ()
void start ()
 this (Pad pad, Field field, Screen screen)
bool toAir ()
bool toGround ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setRandSeed (long seed)

Static Public Attributes

static bool replayMode

Private Member Functions

void addDistance (float dist)
void addRocketParticles ()
void destroyed (bool outOfCrystal=false)
void setNextCrystalNum ()

Private Attributes

bool _airMode
Vector _pos
bool _purserReady
float _scrollSpeedBase
BitmapShape _shape
bool _toAir
bool _toGround
bool bBtnPressed
Blaster blaster
int cnt
bool crystalFull
float crystalNum
float deg
EnemyPool enemies
ExplosionPool explosions
Field field
int fireCnt
int fireSprCnt
float fireSprDeg
InGameState gameState
int modeChangeCnt
bool onBlock
bool opening
RecordablePad pad
ParticlePool particles
Purser purser
float purserAppCrystalNum
int purserGetCnt
Screen screen
float scrollSpeed
ShipShadow[SHADOW_NUM] shadow
int shadowIdx
int shadowNum
ShotPool shots
float sightRange
BitmapShape sightShape
float speed
StageManager stageManager

Static Private Attributes

static const int FIRE_INTERVAL = 3
static const float HIT_WIDTH = 0.02f
static const int INVINCIBLE_CNT = 228
static Rand rand
static const int RESTART_CNT = 300
static const float SCROLL_SPEED_AIR = 0.3f
static const float SCROLL_SPEED_BASE = 0.01f
static const float SCROLL_SPEED_MAX = 0.1f
static const float SCROLL_START_Y = 3
static const int SHADOW_NUM = 100
static const int SHADOW_STEP = 10
static const float SIGHT_RANGE_BASE = 7
static const float SIGHT_RANGE_MOVE = 5
static const float SIGHT_RANGE_VEL = 0.1f
static const float SPEED_BASE = 0.15f

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