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abagames::vr::gamemanager::GameState Class Reference

Inherited by abagames::vr::gamemanager::InGameState, and abagames::vr::gamemanager::TitleState.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Manage the game state. (e.g. title, in game, gameover, pause, ...)

Definition at line 253 of file gamemanager.d.

Public Member Functions

abstract void draw ()
abstract void drawLuminous ()
abstract void move ()
long seed (long v)
abstract void start ()
 this (Screen screen, Pad pad, Field field, Ship ship, ShotPool shots, BulletActorPool bullets, EnemyPool enemies, ParticlePool particles, CrystalPool crystals, ExplosionPool explosions, StageManager stageManager)

Protected Member Functions

void clearAll ()

Protected Attributes

long _seed
BulletActorPool bullets
CrystalPool crystals
EnemyPool enemies
ExplosionPool explosions
Field field
Pad pad
ParticlePool particles
Screen screen
Ship ship
ShotPool shots
StageManager stageManager

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