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abagames::vr::gamemanager::GameManager Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::vr::gamemanager::GameManager:


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Detailed Description

Manage the game state and actor pools.

Definition at line 40 of file gamemanager.d.

Public Member Functions

override void close ()
override void draw ()
override void init ()
override void move ()
void saveErrorReplay ()
void setMainLoop (MainLoop mainLoop)
void setPrefManager (PrefManager prefManager)
void setUIs (Screen screen, Input input)
override void start ()
void startInGame (bool showRank=false)
void startTitle (bool fromGameover=false)

Public Attributes

bool nowait = false

Protected Attributes

PrefManager abstPrefManager
Screen abstScreen
Input input
MainLoop mainLoop

Private Member Functions

void loadLastReplay ()
void saveLastReplay ()
void startState ()

Private Attributes

BulletActorPool bullets
CrystalPool crystals
EnemyPool enemies
bool escPressed
ExplosionPool explosions
Field field
InGameState inGameState
float interval
Pad pad
ParticlePool particles
PrefManager prefManager
Rand rand
Screen screen
Ship ship
ShotPool shots
StageManager stageManager
GameState state
TitleManager titleManager
TitleState titleState

Static Private Attributes

static const float SLOWDOWN_START_BULLETS_SPEED = 6

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