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abagames::vr::field::Field Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Game field.

Definition at line 21 of file field.d.

Public Member Functions

bool checkInField (float x, float y)
bool checkInField (Vector p)
bool checkInOuterField (Vector p)
Vector convertToScreenPos (int bx, int y)
void draw ()
void drawSideWalls ()
int getBlock (float x, float y)
int getBlock (Vector p)
float lastScrollY ()
Vector outerSize ()
void scroll (float my, bool isDemo=false)
void setRandSeed (long s)
void setRuin (int bx, int by)
void setShip (Ship sp)
void setStageManager (StageManager sm)
Vector size ()
void start ()

Static Public Attributes

static const int BLOCK_SIZE_X = 20
static const int BLOCK_SIZE_Y = 64

Private Member Functions

void addGround (int type)
bool checkBlock (int x, int y)
void createBlocks ()
void gotoNextBlockArea ()

Private Attributes

float _lastScrollY
Vector _outerSize
Vector _size
const float BLOCK_WIDTH = 1
float blockCreateCnt
BitmapShape[] groundShape
int nextBlockY
Vector[] panelPos
int panelPosNum
Rand rand
const int SCREEN_BLOCK_SIZE_X = 20
const int SCREEN_BLOCK_SIZE_Y = 24
Vector screenPos
float screenY
Ship ship
int[BLOCK_SIZE_Y/4][BLOCK_SIZE_X/4] spacePattern
Texture spaceTexture
float spaceY
StageManager stageManager

Static Private Attributes

static const int NEXT_BLOCK_AREA_SIZE = 16
static const float SIDEWALL_X1 = 18
static const float SIDEWALL_X2 = 9.3f
static const float SIDEWALL_Y = 15
static const float TEXTURE_SIZE = 1

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