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abagames::vr::enemy::EnemySpec Class Reference

Inherited by abagames::vr::enemy::EA1Spec, abagames::vr::enemy::EB1Spec, abagames::vr::enemy::EG1Spec, and abagames::vr::enemy::EG2Spec.

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Detailed Description

Base class for a specification of an enemy.

Definition at line 476 of file enemy.d.

Public Types

enum  EnemyType { GROUND, BLOCK, AIR }

Public Member Functions

bool checkCollision (float x, float y, Collidable c)
void destroyed (EnemyState es, Shot shot, ExplosionPool explosions, ParticlePool particles)
void draw (EnemyState es)
bool move (EnemyState es)
void remove (EnemyState es)
void setBarrageInterval (int i)
void setBarrageSpeed (float s)
void setState (Ship ship, EnemyState es)
 this (BulletActorPool bullets, Field field, Ship ship, int type, Texture tex, int bitmapIdx, int animIndexStep, int animType, int animInterval, int shadowIdx=-1)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setRandSeed (long seed)

Public Attributes

ParserParam[] barrage

Static Public Attributes

static const float MINIMUM_FIRE_DIST = 7

Protected Attributes

int animIndexStep
int animInterval
int animType
int barragePostWait
int barragePrevWait
float barrageSpeed
BulletActorPool bullets
Field field
int shadowIdx
BitmapShape shadowShape
BitmapShape[] shape
int shield
Ship ship
int type

Static Protected Attributes

static const int ANIMATION_INDEX_NUM = 3
static Rand rand
static const float SKY_SCROLL_RATIO = 0.1f

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