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abagames::vr::enemy::EnemyBit Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Bits moving around a ground enemy.

Definition at line 173 of file enemy.d.

Public Member Functions

void destroyed (ExplosionPool explosions, ParticlePool particles, Rand rand)
void draw ()
void move (Vector p, Ship ship)
void remove ()
void set (BulletActorPool bullets, Ship ship, EnemyBitSpec spec, int xReverse=1, int yReverse=1, float sfd=PI)

Static Public Member Functions

static void close ()
static void init ()

Private Member Functions

void calcAlignDeg (out float d, out float ad, out float md)

Private Attributes

float alignAmpCnt
Vector[MAX_NUM] bitPos
int cnt
float deg
float distAmpCnt
float distDeg
Vector pos
float radius
float radiusAmpCnt
float rollAmpCnt
EnemyBitSpec spec
float swingAmpCnt
float swingAmpDeg
float swingFixDeg
BulletActor[MAX_NUM] topBullet

Static Private Attributes

static const int MAX_NUM = 16
static BitmapShape shape

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