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abagames::vr::bulletimpl::BulletImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::vr::bulletimpl::BulletImpl:


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Detailed Description

Params of bullet.

Definition at line 17 of file bulletimpl.d.

Public Member Functions

void addParser (BulletMLParser *p, float r, float re, float s)
BulletMLParser * getParser ()
float getSpeedRank ()
bool gotoNextParser ()
bool isEnd ()
void kill ()
void move ()
float rank (float value)
override float rank ()
void remove ()
void resetParser ()
void set (BulletMLRunner *runner, float x, float y, float deg, float speed, float rank)
void set (float x, float y, float deg, float speed, float rank)
void setParam (BulletImpl bi)
void setParamFirst (ParserParam[] parserParam, float xReverse, float yReverse, float baseSpeed, BulletTarget target, BulletActor rootBullet, int shape=0)
void setRunner (BulletMLRunner *runner)
 this (int id)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addBullet (BulletMLState *state, float deg, float speed)
static void addBullet (float deg, float speed)
static double getRand ()
static int getTurn ()
static void setBulletsManager (BulletsManager bm)
static void setRandSeed (long s)

Public Attributes

Vector acc
float baseSpeed
float deg
int id
bool isTopBullet
int parserIdx
ParserParam[] parserParam
Vector pos
BulletActor rootBullet
int shape
float speed
BulletTarget target
float xReverse
float yReverse

Static Public Attributes

static Bullet now

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