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abagames::vr::bulletactorpool::BulletActorPool Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::vr::bulletactorpool::BulletActorPool:


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Detailed Description

Bullet actor pool that works as BulletsManager.

Definition at line 26 of file bulletactorpool.d.

Public Member Functions

void addBullet (BulletMLState *state, float deg, float speed)
void addBullet (float deg, float speed)
BulletActor addMoveBullet (BulletMLParser *parser, float speed, float x, float y, float deg, BulletTarget target)
BulletActor addTopBullet (ParserParam[] parserParam, float x, float y, float deg, float speed, float xReverse, float yReverse, float baseSpeed, BulletTarget target, int prevWait, int postWait, int shape=0)
void changeToCrystals ()
override void clear ()
void clearVisible ()
void draw ()
int getTurn ()
void killMe (Bullet bullet)
override void move ()
 this (int n, Object[] args)

Static Public Member Functions

static void registFunctions (BulletMLRunner *runner)

Private Attributes

int cnt

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