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abagames::util::vector::Vector Class Reference

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 14 of file vector.d.

Public Member Functions

bool checkCross (Vector p, Vector p1, Vector p2, float width)
bool checkHitDist (Vector p, Vector pp, float dist)
float checkSide (Vector pos1, Vector pos2, Vector ofs)
float checkSide (Vector pos1, Vector pos2)
bool contains (float px, float py, float r=1)
bool contains (Vector p, float r=1)
float dist (Vector v)
Vector getElement (Vector v)
void opAddAssign (Vector v)
void opDivAssign (float a)
float opMul (Vector v)
void opMulAssign (float a)
void opSubAssign (Vector v)
float size ()
 this (float x, float y)
char[] toString ()

Public Attributes

float x
float y

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