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abagames::util::sdl::texture::Texture Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Manage OpenGL textures.

Definition at line 17 of file texture.d.

Public Member Functions

void bind (int idx=0)
void bindMask (int idx=0)
void close ()
 this (char[] name, int sx, int sy, int xn, int yn, int panelWidth, int panelHeight, Uint32 maskColor=0xffffffffu)
 this (char[] name)

Static Public Member Functions

static SDL_Surface * loadBmp (char[] name)

Static Public Attributes

static char[] imagesDir = "images/"
static SDL_Surface * surface

Private Attributes

GLuint maskNum
Uint32[128 *128] maskPixels
int maskTextureNum
GLuint num
Uint32[128 *128] pixels
int textureNum

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