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abagames::util::sdl::screen3d::Screen3D Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::util::sdl::screen3d::Screen3D:

abagames::util::sdl::screen::Screen abagames::vr::screen::Screen

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Detailed Description

SDL screen handler(3D, OpenGL).

Definition at line 18 of file screen3d.d.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void closeSDL ()
void flip ()
void handleError ()
int height ()
int height (int v)
void initSDL ()
void resized (int w, int h)
void screenResized ()
int width ()
int width (int v)
bool windowMode ()
bool windowMode (bool v)

Static Public Member Functions

static float brightness (float v)
static void glTranslate (Vector3 v)
static void glTranslate (Vector v)
static void glVertex (Vector3 v)
static void setClearColor (float r, float g, float b, float a=1)
static void setColor (float r, float g, float b, float a=1)

Protected Member Functions

abstract void close ()
abstract void init ()
void setCaption (char[] name)

Private Attributes

float _farPlane = 1000
int _height = 480
float _nearPlane = 0.1
int _width = 640
bool _windowMode = false

Static Private Attributes

static float _brightness = 1

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